OUT/WITH is an ongoing photography series by honor ash which has been going since about 2012. This site is the current home of the series which showcases a near-complete archive of all images taken and shared throughout the project.

OUT/WITH deals with the spaces between - sometimes referred to as liminal space (although that has some weird backrooms connotations these days which don’t quite fit). It’s not about being creepy, or scary - it’s a contemplation of the impact human intervention has on the spaces we exist in and move through, and a purposeful declaration of appreciation for the forgotten corners, abandoned signifiers, and the dis/misused.

Up until 2020, this series was unnamed and mostly existed unnoticed amongst personal posts, selfies, and cat photos on honor’s personal instagram feed. During the first COVID lockdown in the uk, honor decided to collate a ‘best-of’ of the images which best embodied the Vibe of liminal and inbetween spaces, which was collated in a 36 page photo zine (which you can still buy here, btw!)

In 2023, honor was invited to take part in a residency at Wysing Arts Centre with FLOCK Emerging Creatives Network. As a result of the residency, they developed a piece of writing about the methodology behind OUT/WITH, which became a publication, poster, installation and essay, titled How to OUT/WITH.

In 2024, words are starting to feel really important.

honor’s broader practice centres around communication, power, language, community, and alienation - and spans performance, visual art, poetry & longer form writing, the occasional music, and installation. Their main website includes an archive of significant works and full cv.